Preparatory Classes for Preschool Children "Ohisama Class" "Hiyoko Class" - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Preparatory Classes for Preschool Children "Ohisama Class" "Hiyoko Class"

Kani International Exchange Association (Non-profit organization)
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●Kani-shi Kinrousya Sougou Fukushi Center (Workers’ Welfare Center, L-Port Kani)
1-3 Himegaoka, Kani, Gifu Prefecture, 〒509-0249
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Class Summary

●Ohisama Class (Sun Class)
Generally for younger and older preschool children to learn Japanese and about community life with the aim of entering kindergarten or nursery school.

●Hiyoko Class (Fledgling Class)
For older preschool children to learn Japanese and school rules in preparation for entering elementary school.

Class content: production, music, dance, playing outside, group play, etc.


Preschool children

Term Dates

Hiyoko Class only runs from October to March

Day / Time

●Ohisama Class: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri (9:30-12:00)
●Hiyoko Class: Mon-Fri (9:30-15:00)

Course Fees etc.

■ Class fee
5000 yen per month
■ Membership fee
3000 yen per year


Any time

Type of Class

Classroom-style(One class)

Course contents

Conversation / Others

of Activities

The Ohisama Class and Hiyoko Class help preschool children with links with a foreign country to enter kindergarten/ nursery school and elementary school smoothly by offering guidance on Japanese and daily life. Together with volunteers, we work with each child to increase what they can do based, while keeping in mind the importance of small steps.


This class helps children to enter kindergarten, nursery school and/or elementary school.
The teaching activities are done in a way that resembles the style of kindergartens and nursery schools. Students will practice communicating with friends and teachers in Japanese.

Can I bring young children?


Negotiable depending on the activities

Can I observe a lesson?


Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!

Recruiting learning supporters (volunteers)
*Application required
Volunteer registration with the Kani International Exchange Association is required. Monetary expression of thanks will be paid.