Let's Connect in Japanese! "Watashiba" - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Let's Connect in Japanese! "Watashiba"

Kani International Exchange Association (Non-profit organization)
FAX: 0574-60-1230
Instagram: @watashiba_kani_




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Imawatari Chiku Center
1521-4 Imawatari, Kani, Gifu Prefecture, 〒509-0207
5 minutes walk from Nihon Line Imawatari Station on the Meitetsu Hiromi line.

Class Summary

The name “Watashiba” means “Watashi no basho” (my place), “Hito to Hito no Hashi Watashi” (building bridges between people”, and “Watashiba” (place where ferries arrive and depart, which is the origin of the area name Imawatari).
Watashiba is not a Japanese language class. Instead, anyone can participate and use Japanese to talk and engage in other activities.
As well as foreign residents, Japanese residents are also welcome to join!


Term Dates

No term/ semester system

Day / Time

Third Sunday of every month (13:30-15:00)

Course Fees etc.



Any time

Type of Class

Small groups

Course contents

Conversation / Culture exchange

Class Level

Not specified


We talk to each other and engage in activities together using Japanese 😊 No matter your Japanese level, please join us! Children are also welcome to come along!
As well as foreign residents, Japanese people who would like to interact with foreign nationals living in the area are also welcome to join. You don’t need to be able to speak any foreign languages to come along.
Let’s have fun and work together 😊

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Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!

Recruiting learning supporters (volunteers)
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Volunteer registration with the Kani International Exchange Association is required. Monetary expression of thanks will be paid.