High School Entrance Support "Satsuki Class" - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

High School Entrance Support "Satsuki Class"

Kani International Exchange Association (Non-profit organization)
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●Kani-shi Sougou Kaikan, Floor 1
1-5 Hiromi, Kani City
15 minute walk from JR Kani Station and Meitetsu Shin-Kani Station on the Hiromi Line
Free parking available

Class Summary

For children with roots in a foreign country aged 15 and over living in Kani city, to support them in advancing to the next stage of education.
The aim of this class is to study Japanese for entrance exams, and both children who have only just arrived in Japan and children who have graduated from junior high school in Japan can attend.

Class contents: Japanese language, Maths, etc.


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Term Dates

No term/ semester system

Day / Time

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri  10:00-16:00

Course Fees etc.

■ Class fee
5000 yen per month
■ Membership fee
3000 yen per month


Any time

Type of Class


Course contents


Class Level

Class content: Japanese, mathematics, kanji


The aim of this class is to support children with roots in a foreign country so that they can build a better future in Japan. Although this class is geared towards entrance exam preparation, students will also be motivated to learn through opportunities to build career skills (communication workshops, camps, etc.) and activively participating in community activities.
When people hear “entrance exams”, they tend to think of difficult content, however we also offer classes which teach Japanese for absolute beginners (learning hiragana and katakana), so please feel free to contact us for more information.


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Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!

Recruiting learning supporters (volunteers)
*Application required
Volunteer registration with the Kani International Exchange Association is required. Monetary expression of thanks will be paid.