Japanese Class and Study Support for Elementary and Junior High School Students "After School Hope Class" - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Japanese Class and Study Support for Elementary and Junior High School Students "After School Hope Class"

Kani International Exchange Association (Non-profit organization)
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Kani Multicultural Center Frevia
1185-7, Shimoedo, Kani-shi, Gifu Prefecture, 〒509-0203
2 minute walk from JR Kani Station and Meitetsu Shin-Kani Station on the Hiromi Line
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Class Summary

This is a learning support class taught by volunteers and for elementary and junior high school students. The volunteers will use easy Japanese and will work with the students to help them understand subjects which they are having difficulty with at school.

① Online learning:
Support is provided by filling in forms prepared by the volunteers using whiteboard functions online, such as on Zoom. One-to-one guidance will be provided by connecting a volunteer with the student at home. A tablet or similar device with a pen for inputting information is required, as well as home Wifi connection.

② In person learning:
Mainly homework and independent study guidance to further understanding. Small group learning.

Term Dates

At the end of the fiscal year, confirm whether or not you wish to continue the class, then reapply for the following year (from April).

Day / Time

Elementary school student class: Tues, Thurs (17:00-18:00)
Junior high school student class: Tues, Thurs (18:30-20:00)

Course Fees etc.

■ Class fee
Elementary school students: 2000 yen per month
Junior high school students: 4000 yen per month
■ Course materials
Must be paid by participants. Only necessary if school materials are insufficient
■ Membership fee
3000 yen per year



Any time

Course contents


Class Level

Elementary school students or junior high school students


The aim of this class is to support children with links abroad. We provide guidance to children so that they can go from saying “I had trouble, I don’t understand” to “I can do it, I understand” by following the content of the lessons at their schools. We value the importance of seeing a smile on children’s faces when they are able to do something on their own, and foster a passion for learning. So let’s study together! This is a volunteer class and easy Japanese is used throughout. Older children including siblings with links abroad can also volunteer to help younger students!

Can I bring young children?


Can I observe a lesson?


For students: After applying, there is a trial period during which students can give the classes a go
For volunteers: After registration, there will be a training period

Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!

Learning supporters (volunteers)
*Application required
Volunteer registration with the Kani International Exchange Association is required. Monetary expression of thanks will be paid.