"Mi-ina" Nagara, A Place Where Everyone Belongs - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

"Mi-ina" Nagara, A Place Where Everyone Belongs

“Mi-ina” Nagara, A Place Where Everyone Belongs



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Nagara Kindergarten (Yochien)
Nagara-shiro nishi-cho 1-10, Gifu City, 〒502-0042
By bus, get off at Nagara-kitacho or Nagara Syogakko-mae (Elementary School) and walk for 3 minutes.
You can also come by bike or car, as free parking is available.

Class Summary

For the first half of the year, classes are conducted by professional Japanese teachers using texts made by Gifu Prefecture. Foreign residents and Japanese residents will talk about the topic in either pairs or small groups, with the aim of improving Japanese language skills. The second half of the year is aimed at having fun while everyone learns Japanese according to their own level in small groups through games such as cards and sugoroku, and through reading the news online, etc. Other extracurricular activities are carried out (such as cooking and picnics) based on what the participants would like to do and their initiative.

Day / Time

Sundays 13:30-15:30

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Any time

Type of Class

Small groups

Course contents

Conversation / Culture exchange


Mi-ina flyer (as of 2023)

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“Mi-ina” is a place where both foreign and Japanese local residents can come together, and learn from each other by conversing and engaging in activities. We also want to be a “third place” for people who come here. We also hope that this will allow Japanese people to experience communicating with foreign residents in “easy Japanese” even if they themselves do not speak a foreign language. “Mi-ina” is run by a group of professional Japanese and English teachers.


“Mi-ina” is not a class where you sit and study using a textbook. Let’s talk a lot instead! We have fun playing a little while practicing Japanese! We would also like it if you sometimes told people in Japan about your home country! If you have confidence in your Japanese, please join us in reading the news together on websites and talking about it. If you are in Japan and have time on a Sunday afternoon, please join us!

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