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Services for Foreign Residents
Triophone: three-way call civic interpreter service

Gifu International Center has a triophone system in place. Over the telephone, one of our consultants can interpret between a foreign resident of Gifu prefecture and an administrative party.



Call the Gifu International Center's triophone hotline



How to use

(1) Call the triophone direct line from a mobile or landline phone on 058-263-8066.

(2) When one of our consultants answers the phone please say the name of the local or prefectural authority you would like to speak to, the nature of your enquiry, and hold the line.

(3) The consultant will call the authority that you wish to speak to, and a three way call will take place.




Interpretation is free, however the caller is responsible for call charges.



Languages available and operating times

Language Day of the week Time
Portuguese Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Chinese Monday to Friday
English Monday to Friday
Tagalog Monday to Friday
Vietnamese Monday to Friday

※There are times when a consultant may not be present.




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