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State of Emergency Measures (Extract) 2021/01/15
State of Emergency Measures (Extract) Demands of Business Operators 2021/01/14
Roundup: Information about COVID-19 2021/01/14
Cases of COVID-19 within Gifu Prefecture 2021/01/14
A State of Emergency related to the Spread of COVID-19 Infections has been declared in Gifu Prefecture. 2021/01/14
State of Emergency 2021/01/10
Closure of GIC over the New Year period 2020/12/24
Gifu Prefecture Compliance Fund to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 (2nd) Implementation Outline(Dec. 23rd Additions) 2020/12/24
【Notice from the Gifu Prefectural Government】 Concerning the Demand for Cooperation with a Shortening of Business Operating Hours based upon the Law on Special Measures for New Influenza, etc.(Dec. 23rd Changes) 2020/12/24
The COVID-19 Consultation Center in Foreign Languages is now open 2020/12/16
The 148th edition of GIC's magazine, Sekai Wa Hitotsu, is now available! 2020/11/01
List of Support Measures for those Affected by COVID-19 2020/10/26
Gifu Prefecture Public Relations "Announcements from Gifu Prefecture"(August 2020) 2020/08/03
Gifu Prefecture Public Relations "Announcements from Gifu Prefecture"(July 2020) 2020/07/01
Gifu Prefecture QR Code Infection Alert System 2020/06/22
Consultation Sessions for Foreigners regarding Labor Issues 2020/06/02
Free Consultation Sessions with Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau Staff 2020/06/02
Gifu Prefecture Public Relations "Announcements from Gifu Prefecture"(June 2020) 2020/06/01
Guide to Special Cash Payments 2020/05/20
Lifting of State of Emergency 2020/05/15
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