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About us- GIC Mailing list

GIC has a mailing list available for prefectural international exchange or cooperation groups, NGOs and NPOs, schools, municipal education staff, or other bodies from within the prefecture in order to build up a network by providing a platform where ideas and information can be exchanged. Individuals or groups are welcome to participate.

What is a mailing list?

Registered members can use this list to exchange information via email. The names or email addresses of the registered members will not be made public. As well as information from GIC being sent on an unscheduled basis, individuals can also send information to registered members on this service.

What kind of information do we send?

This service is limited for information relating to international exchange or cooperation. Emails that slander another party, are intended to make profit, or have no connection to international exchange or cooperation will not be sent. GIC does not take any responsibility for problems that occur because of the mailing list. Information exchange will, in principal, be conducted in Japanese.

How to register

Please fill in the necessary sections of the pop-up form from the GICs Japanese home page and send it along to us.


We will contact you with details about how to use the mailing list once you have registered.