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Services for Foreign Residents
Frequently Asked Questions from Foreign Residents

Use the Triophone service to find the answers to frequently asked questions from foreign residents in the prefecture. Available in several languages.
Triophone is provided as below, please use the applicable number.

For multilingual consultation, use Triophone.


Gifu International Center (Gifu) 058-263-8066 English, Chinese, Portuguese and Tagalog

Chuno Development Bureau (Minokamo) 0574-25-1858 Portuguese, Tagalog

Seino Development Bureau (Ogaki) 0584-73-3520 Portuguese


FAQ Topics List

(1) Prefectural Residences
(2) Automobile Tax
(3) Public Assistance (Seikatsu Hogo) System
(4) How to Keep Dogs and Cats
(5) HIV Tests
(6) Subsidized Infertility Treatment
(7) Consultation for Consumer Affairs
(8) Certified Intractable Diseases
(9) Foster Parenting
(10) Food Business Permits
(11) Domestic Violence(DV)
(12) Resident Card