Wakakusa Class (Zoom) - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Wakakusa Class (Zoom)

Seki International Exchange Association
(inside Seki City Residents’ Cooperation Division)




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Class Summary

Learning support class for junior high school students within the city who are not native Japanese speakers. The course aims to allow learners to establish basic academic skills by offering help for homework and study such as Japanese, Maths and English, and support according to level.

Term Dates

May to March of the following year

Day / Time

Once a week for one hour
Please consult with your teachers.

Course Fees etc.

Course Fee:

\2,000 per year


Apr – May
(also possible to join in the middle of a term)

Type of Class

One-on-one tutoring / Small groups

Course contents

Grammar / Reading and writing / Others

Class Level

Junior high school level

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Can I observe a lesson?


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