Japanese for Foreign Residents Level 1 - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Japanese for Foreign Residents Level 1

Ogaki International Exchange Association
FAX: 0584-82-2314




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Ogaki city Suitopia Center study hall
5-51 Murohonmachi, Ogaki-shi, 〒503-0911
(15 mins walk from JR Ogaki Station, South Exit)
Parking available with fee

Class Summary

This class is aimed at learners with no prior knowledge of Japanese or those at a beginner level, so that they can use Japanese to communicate in their daily lives as much as possible. The teachers are from specialized educational institutions (e.g. Japanese language schools) and participants study in a classroom environment.


For people living or working in the Seino Region

Term Dates

3 terms per year
①May – Jul 
②Aug – Nov
③Nov – Feb
10 classes per term

Day / Time

10:00 – 12:00

Course Fees etc.

Course Fee:

1000 yen per term


Around 1 month before the start of each term
*It is not possible to enroll in the course during the term

Type of Class

Classroom-style(1 class)

Course contents

Conversation / Grammar / Reading and writing

Class Level

Introductory to beginners

 of Activities

The Ogaki International Exchange Association (an NPO) was established on the September 3rd 1988 with the goals of promoting the initiative of friendship based on a wide variety of fields including industry, culture, sports, and education, in the region surrounding Ogaki, and of aiding in the development of a city that corresponds to the international community and contributes to international goodwill. From February 1st 2012 it became a public interest incorporated foundation, and aims to promote international exchange and cooperation activities for local residents, such as the Friendly City Exchange, and thereby further international mutual understanding and carry out support activities for local foreign residents, with the aim of creating a city where local residents and foreign residents can live together harmoniously.


In this class we will begin by studying the Japanese alphabet (kana), so it is suitable for those who are absolute beginners, have studied a little bit, or want to learn simple conversational Japanese. The class is held once per week for two hours over a 3-month period. The class will be joined mainly by Japanese assistants who will participate in the conversation practice. Information about the dates of classes and when to apply will be posted on the Ogaki International Exchange Association’s website. For more information, please call or email us.

Can I bring young children?


Can I observe a lesson?


Prospective volunteer teaching assistants can come and observe a lesson.

Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!

Recruiting volunteer teaching assistants. Volunteer registration required.