Saturday Japanese Class - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Saturday Japanese Class

Kani International Exchange Association (NPO)



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Kani Multicultural Center Frevia
1185-7 Shimoedo, Kani-shi, Gifu Prefecture, 〒509-0203      
(2 mins walk from Shin-Kani Station (Meitetsu Hiromi Line), or 2 mins walk from JR Kani Station (Taita Line))
Free parking available

Class Summary

① Conversation class to learn Japanese necessary for everyday life.
② Kanji class.

Day / Time

19:00 – 20:30

Course Fees etc.

100 yen per session


Any time

Type of Class

Small groups

Course contents

Conversation / Reading and writing

Class Level

Any level


[For foreign residents]
You can learn the Japanese necessary for daily life! Enjoy learning with people from many different countries!
[For Japanese residents]
We are looking for volunteers who can help and support learners in Japanese language classes. You can still volunteer even if you do not speak a foreign language! People who like talking are also welcome!

Can I bring young children?


Can I observe a lesson?


Please contact us in advance.

Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!

Volunteer registration with the Kani International Exchange Association is required. Monetary expression of thanks will be paid.