Japanese for Foreign Residents●Beginners I ●Beginners II ●Beginners EX - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Japanese for Foreign Residents●Beginners I ●Beginners II ●Beginners EX

Gifu International Exchange Association




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Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos Library 1F, Atsumaru Studio, Tsunagaru Studio, Waiwai Circle
40-5 Tsukasa-machi, Gifu-shi
(2 mins walk from Media Cosmos bus stop)
Parking available (free up to 2 hours, charged after 2 hours)

Class Summary

Teachers with extensive experience in Japanese language education provide the three course levels (Beginners I, II, and EX). Basic Japanese necessary for everyday life can be learned.

Term Dates

2 terms per year
①Apr – Aug 
②Oct – Feb

Day / Time

●Beginners I

Mon, Wed
18:30 – 20:30    ※2 classes/week

●Beginners II

Tues, Thurs
18:30 – 20:30    ※2 classes/week

●Beginners EX

18:30 – 20:30

Course Fees etc.

●Course Fee:

・Beginner Ⅰ/Ⅱ
\13,000 per term
(30 classes)
・Beginner EX
  \6,500 per term
(15 classes)

●Course Materials:

\2,470 per term

●Extra Materials:

\1,980 per term



Feb – Mar, Aug – Sep
(also possible to join in the middle of a term ※in April and October only)

Type of Class

Classroom-style(3 classes)

Course contents

Conversation / Grammar / Reading and writing

Class Level


Can I bring young children?


Can I observe a lesson?

Not possible