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Volunteer registration system

The GIC has a volunteer registration system in place to advance international relations and support foreign residents as a prefecture. This is a system that allows not only the GIC, but also other international organisations in the prefecture access to a data base of volunteers. Volunteers could be asked to help with workshops that the GIC runs, or projects run by other organisations.

We are eager to hear from people who are interested in supporting international relations or foreign residents of Gifu Prefecture through volunteering.



How to register

Please choose what kind of volunteer you would like to be, fill in the appropriate form, and then return the form to the GIC by post or in person. You can register as more than one type of volunteer.
Volunteer registration does not expire automatically. If there is no notice of resignation lodged by the volunteer, then the volunteer will remain registered. Every three years we will confirm the details of the registration with the volunteer. If there are any changes to the details of registration, we ask that the volunteer contact the GIC at the earliest possible convenience.



How referrals are made

Public bodies and international exchange associations are allowed to access the volunteer registration data base. Other bodies are also allowed access on an ad hoc basis, provided that their activities are not for profit.


1) Volunteer cooperation request form

    (for requests about anything apart from what is covered in forms 2 or 3)

2) Japanese language instructor request form Wordダウンロードボタン
3) Homestay host request form Wordダウンロードボタン



Things to be aware of

When the GIC gets a request for a volunteer, the GIC will always ask permission of the volunteer before they give the volunteer's contact details. Details of the dispatch will be coordinated by the two parties involved, and the GIC does not accept any responsibility for coordinating the actual activity being carried out. Because these are volunteer activities there is no compensation offered to volunteers, apart from transportation fees where necessary.
Registered volunteers are covered by insurance while they are engaged in their volunteer activities. The GIC will cover the expenses for insurance, and complete all the subscription procedures on behalf of the volunteer. However, homestay volunteers are not covered by the insurance while they have a guest staying with them.


Types of volunteers

Language volunteers

Interpreters and translators

What do they do?

Interpreting for foreign guests at functions etc.
Give oral explanations or translate simple administrative documents for the prefectural or municipal government.

Who can apply?

(English) People with Level 2 or above in Eiken or a TOEIC score of higher than 600 points.
(Other languages) Anyone possessing daily conversational level or higher of that language.

Language volunteer registration application form Excelダウンロードボタン


Disaster relief language support volunteer

What do they do? Provide support in times of disaster as an interpreter or translator at evacuation centers etc. upon request by the prefecture or municipal government.
Who can apply? Anyone who has daily conversational skills in more than two languages (one of which will be their native language).


Disaster relief language support volunteer registration application form Excelダウンロードボタン


Japanese language support volunteer

What do they do?

Provide Japanese language instruction at volunteer Japanese classes run within the prefecture. Provide information necessary for foreigners residing in Japan.


Japanese language support volunteer registration application form Excelダウンロードボタン


Japanese language support instructor volunteer

What do they do? Provide Japanese language instruction at prefectural volunteer Japanese classes, as well as run workshops and study sessions.
Who can apply?

Anyone who fits any of the following criteria:
  -Has passed the Japanese language teaching competency test
  -Has completed a teacher training course (420 hours, as set by the MEXT guidelines)
  -Has graduated with a major or a minor in Japanese language education or Japanese language from a 4 year university or a postgraduate college
  -Has a lot of experience as a Japanese language instructor in classes or elsewhere.


Japanese language support instructor volunteer registration application form Excelダウンロードボタン 21KB


Homestay volunteer

What do they do? Introduce Japanese culture and lifestyle by inviting foreign people into their homes and letting them experience daily life.


Homestay volunteer registration application Excelダウンロードボタン