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Services for Foreign Residents
Gifu Prefecture Volunteer Medical Interpreter Dispatch System

Gifu Prefecture assists residents with limited Japanese language ability by providing a system whereby volunteer medical interpreters, at the request of the medical institution, will be dispatched to hospitals, so that patients can undergo medical consultations with peace of mind. Languages available are Portuguese, Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese.


*Medical institutions that wish to use this service, please confirm the rules of use and send the application form to GIC by mail.

*Volunteer medical interpreters mediate upon request by medical institutions.

  Foreign residents who wish to use an interpreter, please contact one of the affiliated medical institutions listed below.

*Foreign residents who are seeking an initial medical examination, please contact GIC at 058-263-8066.


1. Medical institutions accepting dispatch medical interpreters (as of April 2024)

  1. Gifu University Hospital (Gifu City)
  2. Gifu Prefectural General Medical Center (Gifu City)
  3. Gifu Municipal Hospital (Gifu City)
  4. Tokai Central Hospital (Kakamigahara City)
  5. Chuno Kosei Hospital (Seki City)
  6. Chubu International Medical Center (Minokamo City)
  7. Nagara Medical Center (Gifu City)
  8. Miyakoen (Gifu City)
  9. Ogaki Tokushukai Hospital (Ogaki City)
  10. Japanese Red Cross Gifu Hospital (Gifu City)
  11. Asahi University Medical & Dental Center (Mizuho City)
  12. Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Hospital (Tajimi City)
  13. Hashima Municipal Hospital (Hashima City)
  14. Ogaki Municipal Hospital (Ogaki City)
  15. Matsunami General Hospital (Kasamatsu Town)
  16. Komaki Internal Medicine Clinic (Gifu City)


2. Interpreting method

Interpreting can be conducted in person (at a mediating medical institution) or online (over Zoom or Skype, etc.).


3. Dispatch volunteer medical interpreters (as of April 2024)

Interpreters have all been registered upon passing an exam carried out by the GIC.

There are 39 volunteers altogether for the following languages: 16 Chinese volunteers, 14 Portuguese volunteers, 5 Tagalog volunteers, and 4 Vietnamese volunteers.


4. Volunteer medical interpreter dispatch procedure

1. The medical institution will lodge an application to the GIC (Gifu International Center) for a volunteer medical interpreter, as a rule, by 3 days prior to the earliest desired dispatch date.

2. The GIC chooses a volunteer who fits the request from the list of registered volunteers.

3. Medical interpreting will occur on the requested day and time at the medical institution that requested the dispatch. Interpretation is available for about 2 hours per session.


5. Reimbursement for volunteer medical interpreters

Under this system the requesting hospital or the patient is responsible for reimbursement.

Reimbursement is set at 3,000 yen per visit, including transportation expenses.