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Services for Foreign Residents
Free consultation with administrative procedure specialists for foreign residents

-Consultations with an 'administrative procedure specialist' lawyer from your town-


Administrative procedure specialists with national qualifications based on national law are available for consultation about a wide range of subjects, including changes to visa status, obtaining Japanese citizenship, employment for foreigners, or procedures for starting a business.

Privacy will be strictly protected. Please do not hesitate to use this service.


Dates and times

From 1 pm to 3 pm on the first Wednesday and third Sunday of every month.

*Please be aware that bookings are necessary, and if there are no bookings for that day then the consultation session will not be held.

*Please book about a week early in order to give time for the specialists to prepare an appropriate answer.
Consultation length In principle, 30 minutes per person.
Discussion topics Status of residence, visas, nationality, international marriage or divorce, commercial licenses, traffic accidents, etc.
Interpreter available for: English, Portuguese, Chinese, Tagalog.
Cost Free
Points for consideration

If you would like to use an interpreter please also specify the time you would like to have your consultation.

We cannot guaranteed that an interpreter will be available during your desired consultation day or time.
Other Consultation is also available for Japanese people who wish to discuss things like marriage or employment in relation to foreign people.


Enquiries and Application

Gifu International Center

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Telephone: 058-214-7700