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About GIC
Loaning the International Salon and Meeting Room

Individuals or groups conducting not for profit multicultural or international exchange activities are able to loan the GIC International Salon or meeting room as places of exchange or cooperation. The salon is within the office space, and has a capacity of 20 people. The meeting room is a separate room, and has a capacity of 30 people. These rooms are available to be used, for example, for meetings, training, or study sessions that are related to multiculturalism or international exchange.


国際交流サロン画像 会議室画像
International salon Meeting room


Applicants are asked to submit their completed application forms by fax, email, or directly to the GIC. Please read the terms and conditions of use before applying. English speaking staff are available most of the time.


Download terms and conditions of use here PDFダウンロードボタン 28.0KB
Download application form here Wordダウンロードボタン 168KB


These facilities are available for free. They are available for use during the GIC opening hours. Applications are accepted from 2 months before the desired day of use.


These facilities are also used by other organisations, so booking cannot be guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.