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About GIC
National Flag Lending Service

The GIC loans standard sized national flags and table top flags for free to non-profit organisations who wish to use them for international exchange activities.

In principal, borrowed items must be picked up from and returned to the GIC in person.


Items for loan

Item Details
Standard sized national flag 113 countries and regions
Flag pole, stand, finial (ornament for the top of the pole) 2 m or 3 m poles available
Table top flag

113 countries and regions

Stand for table top flag

Metal stand (2 or 3 legs)

Plastic (2 legs)

Download a list of standard sized flags here PDFダウンロードボタン 31.7KB
Download a list of table top flags here PDFダウンロードボタン 31.8KB



Points for consideration

If you dirty or damage anything you have borrowed, you are financially responsible for fixing it.



How to apply

Please contact the GIC by fax, telephone, post or email with details of what country's flag or other items youwould like, amounts, and the period of use, by one week before the desired day of use.
Please bring your application form to the GIC when you pick up and drop off the flag.


Download application form here Wordダウンロードボタン 95.5KB