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Introducing the CIRs

Introducing our CIRs

Here at the Gifu International Center, we have four affiliated CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations), invited through the JET Programme.

In addition to carrying out translations and interpreting for local government organisations, the CIRs also can also be dispatched out to other local government organisations, international organisations and schools. (For more information on dispatch methods and types, please click here.)


What is a CIR dispatch? The main details are as follows:

  • Visiting elementary, junior high and high schools in Gifu Prefecture to educate children about international understanding.
  • Organising presentations at local government organisations and international organisations to further international understanding.

Using PowerPoint, the CIRs introduce the culture of their home country, as well as doing songs, games and cooking classes, etc. These services are available on request so please feel free to contact us for more information.


CIR Profiles

Name Dang Thai Quynh Chi Aria Morgan
Nationality Vietnam United Kingdom
Hometown Huế Birmingham
Photo Anh Karuizawa 2.jpg
Gender Female Female
Self Introduction I'm from the city of Huế, which was the capital the last dynasty in Vietnam, the Nguyễn dynasty. Before coming to Gifu Prefecture, from 2014 I lived in and attended graduate school in Tokyo for 6 years. I went back to Vietnam in 2020 and taught Japanese at my alma mater. At the end of November 2021, I came back to Japan and started working as a CIR at the Gifu International Center. My hobbies are reading, travelling and flower arranging (traditional Japanese art of ikebana).

I'm from the city of Birmingham, originally built during the industrial revolution of the 18th century. Before coming to Gifu, I previously studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai University from August 2018 to May 2019. After this, I stayed in Tokyo until July 2019 to travel. I majored in French and Japanese at the University of Leeds, and graduated in July 2021. I had originally planned to start work as a CIR following graduation, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was unable to move to Japan. While I waited, I worked part-time and volunteered at a foodbank. Finally, in April 2022 I was able to enter Japan and began my work as a CIR at the Gifu International Center. My hobbies are reading novels, walking and travelling.

Dispatch Examples
  • Introducing Vietnam using PowerPoint (including basic information, culture, customs, society, education, tourism, etc.).
  • Teaching Vietnamese language classes.
  • Vietnamese cuisine cooking classes.
  • Activities aimed at children include introducing the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival and making masks worn by dancers during the festival's Lion Dance.
  • Conduct introductory presentations on the UK at events using PowerPoint (about British culture, geography, history, climate, customs, society, cuisine, holidays, etc.).
  • In person and online English language classes (for beginner and intermediate levels).
  • Publishing information for foreign residents in English on the GIC website (e.g. COVID-19 infection rates and preventative measures).
  • Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation and interpreting.
  • Providing phone consultations to English-speaking foreign residents of Gifu Prefecture.
Name Gustavo Sorato Li Yang
Nationality Brazil China
Hometown São Paulo Yiangxi
Photo 画像1.png リーさん.jpeg
Gender Male Male
Self Introduction

My name is Gustavo and I'm from São Paulo, a state in the Southeast of Brazil. I grew up in a small town called Santa Fé do Sul, which has a large population of Japanese Brazilians. This gave me many opportunities to experience Japanese culture, and I grew to love all things Japanese, prompting me to choose Japanese language and literature as my university major.

I graduated from São Paulo State University, with a year spent studying abroad at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After graduation, I worked as a Japanese teacher.

I am now working as a CIR at the Gifu International Center, and my hobbies include studying Japanese, weight-training, watching movies, and sightseeing.

I'm from Jiangxi Province, which welcomed 35 years of its friendship partnership with Gifu Prefecture. I majored in Japanese language at university, and the more I learnt the more my interest in Japanese culture grew. After graduating from university, I came to Japan for work, and although it was only for one month, my time in Japan became a cherished memory.

Before coming to Gifu, I was working at Nanchang Hangkong University (Nanchang Aviation University), teaching basic Japanese to beginners.

Now I am working here at the Gifu International Center as a CIR! My hobbies are studying Japanese, badminton and travelling.

Dispatch Examples
  • Presenting and introducing Brazil using PowerPoint (about sightseeing spots, society, climate, customs, history, etc.).
  • Promoting interest in Brazilian culture (music, movies, comics) through Portuguese language classes.
  • Brazilian cooking classes (including Brigadeiro - a chocolate dessert, Pão de queijo - cheese bread, and other foods that are easy to make and eat).
  • Teaching Brazil's most popular sports to children, such as soccer and volleyball.

* Other duties (not dispatch) *

  • Japanese-Portuguese translation and interpretation.
  • Providing phone consultations to Portuguese-speaking foreign residents of Gifu Prefecture.
  • Presenting and introducing China using PowerPoint (about society, climate, customs, history, tourist spots, etc.).
  • Chinese language classes.
  • Chinese cooking classes (home-cooked dishes that are quick and easy to prepare and eat such as dumplings, stir fry, etc.).
  • Teaching badminton, a very popular sport in China, to children.

* Other duties (not dispatch) *

  • Japanese-Chinese translation and interpretation.
  • Providing phone consultations to Chinese-speaking foreign residents of Gifu Prefecture.