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About GIC
Introducing the CIRs

The GIC CIRs are part of the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme. As well as doing translations and interpreting for regional public organisations, they can also be dispached out to other public organisations, international organisations, or schools.


What is a CIR Dispatch?

A CIR dispatch is educating children in Elementary, Junior High and Senior High school about international understanding, or doing presentations for regional public organisations or international exchange associations about intetrnational understanding.

We can do this through power point presentation, songs, games, or cooking classes, depending on what your needs are- just ask us!


CIR Profiles

Name Tiemi Silvia Ywamoto Kathryn Orr Yu Zhiying
Nationality Brazil UK China
Region Goiânia, Goiás Northern Ireland Jiangxi
Photo ywamotohp.JPG Kathryn2-thumb-170x222-2180.jpg 于さん写真.jpg
Gender Female Female Female
Self Introduction Third generation Brazilian Japanese. Employed at GIC since April 2016. Graduated from Goiás Catholic University with a degree in International Affairs. Spent her fifth year of elementary school through her third year of middle school in Ichinomiya (now Toyokawa City) in Aichi Prefecture. She taught Japanese at Goiás Japanese Model School for thirteen years. She loves Japan and is deeply interested in Japanese culture. As a Coordinator for International Relations, she aims to exert every effort in the hopes of deepening Japan and Brazil's mutual understanding through cultural and informational exchange.

Employed at GIC since August 2017. Born in Japan and lived in Chiba prefecture until age 16. Returning to the UK for her final school years, she graduated from Durham University in June 2017. She is very happy to have this opportunity to live in Japan once again and work for international exchange in Gifu. As a Coordinator for International Relations, she hopes to use her experiences in both Japan and the UK to deepen cross-cultural understanding in Japan and promote exchange and between Japan and the UK.

Employed at GIC since April 2019. Originally from Heilongjiang Province, she graduated from Heilongjiang University with a Master of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature. In 2011, she moved to Jiangxi Province and began working as a Japanese language instructor. Jiangxi Province is like a second home to her now.
As she takes on this new challenge as Coordinator for International Relations, she hopes to make the most of her year in Japan, learning more about Japanese culture and society. Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the Friendship Agreement between Jianxi Province and Gifu Prefecture, while this year is the Japan-China Youth Exchange Promotion Year. During this year, she hopes to gain valuable experiences,  spread information about Gifu and Japan to China, and do her very best as a CIR. 

Dispatch Examples

1)    Conduct a general introduction of Brazil (i.e., population, area, currency, etc.) using Powerpoint.

2)    Introduce festivals, cuisine, tourist attractions, natural environment, and world heritage sights using music, photos, and relevant items.

3)    Facilitate practice of basic communication in Portuguese.

4)   Conduct lectures on language, history, education, immigration, etc.

5)    Conduct cooking classes teaching simple Brazilian cuisine.

1)    Conduct a general introduction of the United Kingdom using Powerpoint, photographs, and relevant items.

2)    Introduce British culture and everyday life to children via simple songs and games.

3)    Introduce British cuisine and multiculturalism through simple cooking classes.

4)   Facilitate the acquisition of basic English communication skills.

5)    Conduct lectures on British history, religion, education, literature, current events, etc.

1)    Conduct a general introduction of China and Chinese culture using Powerpoint, photographs, and relevant items.

2)   Introduce the latest information about China and deepen understanding of China through Chinese language classes. 

3)   Introduce Chinese cuisine and ingredients through cooking classes.

4)   Conduct lectures about China's tourist attractions and traditional holidays, etc.

5)   Hold Chinese paper cutting and shuttlecock events to promote exchange with prefectural residents.