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Be cautious about the spread of COVID-19 during the summer break (Excerpt)

~ The number of infections is almost at the level of an "infectious disease alert" ~

July 14th 2023
Gifu Prefectural Taskforce for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19


Countrywide, COVID-19 is continuing to spread.

In Gifu, the number of infections is increasing steadily, and the number of infections is approaching a level 2 on the evaluation criteria for an "infectious disease alert".

We hereby request that all prefectural residents follow the infection prevention measures appropriate for the situation at hand to protect both themselves and others, as outlined below.

In particular, when returning home for the summer break and the Obon holiday, or when visiting medical institutions or facilities for the elderly, please be even more aware of the risks and follow basic infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask and washing your hands to protect those at a high-risk of serious illness from a potentially life-threatening situation.



*To prevent the spread of infection*

・Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly, regularly ventilate indoor spaces.

・Be careful to avoid infecting those with a high risk of serious illness. In particular, when visiting a medical institution or a facility for the elderly, wear a mask.

・If you have a high-risk of infection and go to a crowded place, wear a mask to protect yourself.

・Make sure to get booster vaccinations.

・When you feel unwell, stop what you are doing, go to the doctor, and take a test (make sure to use a government-approved test kit).

・If you work at a facility for the elderly or for those with disabilities, test regularly to prevent infection being brought into the facility.



*To prevent a strain on medical services*

・In case you get a fever, prepare test kits, fever medicine, and 3 days' worth of meals.

・When visiting a medical institution, contact them in advance to confirm the precautions to take.

・Do not use an ambulance unless absolutely necessary.