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Gifu Prefecture COVID-19 Support Measures

Below is a comprehensive list of COVID-19 support measures available to Prefectural residents, updated 12th April 2023:

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Consultations in Foreign Languages are available as follows:

Gifu Prefectural Consultation Center for Foreign Residents  

  058-263-8066 Mon - Fri   9:30-16:30

Kamo Prefectural Branch Office


  0574-25-1858 Mon - Fri   9:00-17:00


     0574-25-1858 Mon - Thurs  9:00-16:00 Fri  9:00-15:00

Seino Prefectural Branch Office


  0584-73-3520 Mon - Thurs  9:00-16:00 Fri  9:00-15:00