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Announcement of the Strengthening of COVID-19 Measures to Prevent a Strain on Gifu's Medical Services (Excerpt)

Announcement of the Strengthening of COVID-19 Measures to Prevent a Strain on Gifu's Medical Services (Excerpt)

23rd December 2022

Implementation period: 23rd December 2022 - 22nd January 2023

Gifu Prefectural Taskforce for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

The number of new daily cases of COVID-19 in Gifu Prefecture is approaching the peak of the summer's 7th wave, with a weekly average of new daily cases exceeding 3000, and hospital bed occupancy rate remaining around 50%.

This has led to a serious situation in which normal medical care (unrelated to COVID-19) is not immediately available.

The risk of infection itself should also not be taken lightly.

There is also a risk of suffering from long COVID, and in some cases patients have had to visit the hospital regularly for almost a year, or have had to take medical leave from work or school.

Depending on our actions, this New Year period could be the worst one yet. You and your family may be unable to meet up with people you wish to see due to infection, and lives that could have been saved may not be saved, due to the strain on medical services, including those related to emergency transport.

In order to avoid this potential situation, we are issuing this "Announcement of the Strengthening of Measures to Prevent a Strain on Gifu's Medical Services".

We hereby request that all prefectural residents fully abide by the following measures as a united effort in order to protect yourself, your family, and others who are near and dear to you.


We ask all prefectural residents to cooperate with the following measures

  • ž   Get vaccinated promptly.
  • ž   Fully abide by basic infection prevention measures.
  • ž   Only use emergency medical services when absolutely necessary.
  • ž   Avoid crowded places and places with a high risk of infection, such as New Year's events, and refrain from actions that could lead to an increased spread of infection.
  • ž   Avoid speaking loudly and prolonging the time spent in restaurants, and wear a mask during conversations.
  • ž   Carefully consider whether to dine in large groups, including cancelling or postponing plans.
  • ž   Carefully consider whether to attend big events, including choosing not to attend.