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COVID-19 7th wave: Responding to the continued rapid spread of infection

*Announcement of the strengthening of preventative measures against the BA.5 subvariant in Gifu Prefecture* (Excerpt)

Implementation period: 5th - 21st August


The rapid spread of COVID-19 infection has proved unstoppable. The number of people testing positive per day reached a record high on the 2nd of August, with 4,557 new confirmed cases, and the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants also continues to be the highest to date (total during a 7 day period). As before, infection is spreading throughout the prefecture, especially among young people in their 20s or younger.

The rate of hospital admittance already exceeds 50%, and is still rising. In addition, there is a significant impact on general medical care as well as COVID-19-related care.

So, taking the circumstances into account, and in order to cope with the increased movement of people when returning home for Obon and during the summer break, we ask for cooperation with the strengthening of preventative measures.

We ask that all prefectural residents fully abide by the previously implemented basic preventative measures, as well as promptly putting the following newly implemented measures into practice.


We ask all prefectural residents to cooperate with the following measures

  • ž   Prior to meeting the elderly or those with underlying health conditions, take a (free) COVID-19 test.
  • ž   Avoid crowded places and places with a high risk of infection.
  • ž   Limit the use of emergency care and ambulance services to when absolutely necessary.
  • ž   When suffering from symptoms such as a sore throat or a fever, even if they are only mild, take action such as taking time off work or school.