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Information about COVID-19 Vaccinations

About COVID-19 Booster Vaccinations (3rd dose)

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations in Japan has had a positive effect on infection prevention and the prevention of symptoms developing. However, concerning the elderly, it has been suggested that the efficacy of the vaccine at preventing serious illness gradually decreases over time.

In order to prevent post-vaccination infections and cluster outbreaks, Gifu Prefecture is promoting a booster vaccine for all prefectural residents over the age of 12* who have had the initial two vaccinations.

*Those between the ages of 12 and 17 are now able to receive their booster (Pfizer only).

*The new Takeda Novavax vaccine is now available for those aged 18 and over, as well as Pfizer and Takeda/Moderna.


About COVID-19 Vaccinations (1st and 2nd doses)

Eligibility for Vaccinations

Everybody aged 12 years old or over who wants to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination is eligible to receive it. (Excludes the vaccination of young children)

*Pfizer and Takeda/ Moderna are available to those over 12 years of age.

*Takeda Novavax is available to those over 18 years of age.

*The AstraZeneca vaccine is only available to those over 40 years of age as a general rule.


Time & Place (Venue) for Vaccinations

The carrying out of vaccinations is expected to last until September 2022.

In principle, you will be vaccinated at a vaccination venue or medical institution within the municipality in which you are registered as a resident.

Please refer to the information provided by your local municipality for further information (press office etc.).


Procedures for Receiving the Vaccination

You will receive a "Vaccination Ticket" and a "Vaccination Notification" from your local municipality before the period of your vaccination. Please check at which medical institution or vaccination venue you can receive the vaccination through the information provided by your local municipality and make an appointment by telephone or through the internet.


Vaccination Cost

The vaccination will be provided free-of-charge.


The Effectiveness of the Vaccine

The currently approved Pfizer vaccine is reported to offer 95% protection against the development of COVID-19 symptoms after two shots (the second shot is administered three weeks after the first shot has been administered) have been administered. (※The influenza vaccine is approximately 40-60% effective.)


Vaccination Safety

There is a chance of side-effects such as soreness around the injection site and fever occurring after the vaccine has been administered, but people typically recover after a few days. The frequency of going into anaphylactic shock (※), which is a more serious side effect, is estimated to be approximately 5 people in every 1,000,000 for the Pfizer vaccine. In order to ensure swift treatment if this occurs, medical supplies are being prepared at the vaccination venues.

※This refers to a full-body allergic reaction to components of the vaccine which can possibly occur a short time after it is administered.


If Health Issues Occur due to Vaccination

If health issues occur due to the vaccination and treatment at a medical institution is required or you are left with disabilities, you will be able to receive support (cost of medical expenses and/or the granting of a disability pension) in accordance with the Vaccination Law.