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Countermeasure Against Novel Coronavirus Infection ~ Anticipating the next wave ~ (Excerpt)

Countermeasure Against Novel Coronavirus Infection

~ Anticipating the next wave ~(Excerpt)

Decided on October 12, 2021

Gifu Prefecture Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control

Implementation period: October 15 ~ November 30, 2021

 Eating establishments in some cities and towns within the prefecture which have been requested to shorten business hours will now be able to go back to regular business hours starting from October 14. However, there are still causes to be concerned. New cases of infected persons in the prefecture seem to comprise a large percentage of foreign residents. In addition, it is expected that more and more people will be out enjoying various activities associated with the autumn season. Increased flow of people going to events or year-end parties is also anticipated.  It is necessary that we must do whatever it takes in preparation for a possible sixth wave of covid-19. Please continue to adhere vigilantly to basic infection prevention measures.


To prevent the spread of infection

(1)Follow basic infection prevention measures


To residents of the prefecture

・Take the following measures even if you have been vaccinated since breakthrough cases may still occur.



  • Wearing a mask (non-woven mask that fits tightly, there should be no gaps between it and your face)
  • Maintaining hand hygiene (washing hands, disinfecting hands frequently)
  • Avoiding the "Three Cs" : Closed spaces, Crowded places, Closed contact setting

 (avoiding even one could lower the risks)

  • Ventilating indoor spaces frequently
  • Taking good care of your health (if you feel unwell, do not go to work, to school, or to other places)



・Avoid 5 high-risk situations indicated below:



  • Social gatherings that include alcohol consumption (decreased attention leads to louder talking)
  • Groups of people eating and drinking over a long period (such as barhopping to second bar, third bar, ...)
  • Conversing without a mask (be extra careful when going places in a car or on a bus)
  • Multiple people sharing a confined space (common spaces such as dormitory room or toilet)
  • Changes in environment (take care not to lower your guard when moving from the office to the break rooms, smoking areas, dressing rooms)



・Strictly follow basic infection prevention measures when coming home, traveling to other cities or prefectures. Especially, avoid traveling to and from areas that currently have a high infection rate.

・When eating with others, try to limit the number to 4 people or less, make reservation in advance if possible, do not stay long.

・Only go to buildings or use facilities that strictly follow guidelines as specified for such places.

・Take infection prevention measures when coming home from a far place or when traveling.  Get tested for covid before departure or after arrival.

・In an effort to help protect children under 12 (who are not eligible for covid-19 vaccines) and their families, it is recommended that the adults in the family be vaccinated and that all should take preventive measures such as frequent hand washing.