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State of Emergency Has Been Declared (Excerpt) Revised: September 9

State of Emergency Has Been Declared (Excerpt)


Decided on August 25, 2021

Revised: September 9, 2021

Gifu Prefecture Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control

Implementation Period: September 13, 2021 - September 30, 2021



(The underlined part in the table is the change made due to the extension of the emergency measures.)


1)  To residents of the prefecture

- Even during the daytime, if not necessary refrain from going out or moving from one place to another.

- As much as possible, avoid going to crowded areas.

- Avoid going out unnecessarily after 8pm.

- If one must go out, try to interact with as few people as possible, with the exception of family members living with you. Avoid going to places where and when there are a lot of people around.

- Avoid going to restaurants or other establishments which do not take appropriate measures to prevent infection or which do not shorten business hours as requested by the government.

- If possible, avoid visiting hometown, traveling, or moving between cities, towns, prefectures.

- Avoid engaging in high risk behaviors that can spread infection such as gathering and eating with a group of people at parks or on sidewalks, etc.



2)  To business operators

■Requesting for temporary closure or shortened business hours


  Requesting restaurants or other eating establishments to temporarily close or shorten business hours.


Types of businesses affected

-Restaurants (including casual drinking establishments), coffee shop, etc.

Note: Take-out and delivery services are exempted. 

However, wedding halls are under the same restrictions as restaurants.

-Entertainment facilities such as bars, or establishments that are operating

by license under the Food Hygiene Act.

Note: Establishments such as internet cafe, comic cafe, or other establishments whose purpose is to provide users a place to stay long hours into the night are exempted.

- Karaoke establishments that have no license to serve food and drinks.

Areas affected

Throughout the prefecture

Extension Period

September 13 (Mon) - September 30 (Thu)




-Eating establishments that serve alcoholic beverages or provide karaoke equipment are requested to temporarily close.

- Note: This restriction also applies to karaoke establishments that have no permits to serve alcohol, and also to establishments that allow customers to bring in their own drinks.

- Other business establishments that serve food and beverage besides the ones mentioned above are urged to shorten business hours: Open at 5:00 close by 20:00.

Note: This restriction includes even establishments that do not serve alcoholic

beverage, and includes even establishments that do not offer karaoke equipment.

Financial support

- Businesses that have complied throughout the entire duration will be paid

a financial support grant.

Small & medium businesses: 40,000 yen ~ 100,000 yen (per day)

  Note: Minimum amount of 30,000 yen has been increased to 40,000 yen.

Large businesses: Reduction in daily sales x 0.4 (per day)

  Note: Maximum of 200,000 yen.

Small & medium businesses can also choose this option.

-Karaoke establishments that have no license to serve food and/or beverage:

20,000 yen per day.


Maximum 300,000 yen (the fine has been raised from 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen)


Requesting large facilities to shorten business hours, etc.

  We request that large facilities throughout the prefecture shorten business hours (except facilities that cater or provide services essential to daily living).

Types of facilities


Requested Actions

Theatres, etc.

Theatres, viewing areas, opera houses, cinemas, planetariums etc.

・Facility with floor area greater than 1,000㎡are requested to shorten business  hours to 20:00

  (Events, movie theaters until 9pm)


Note: Facilities of 1,000㎡ or

less should make efforts to shorten business hours.


・Take steps to reduce crowding inside and outside facilities


・Limit the number of people entering, post notices about entrance restrictions on websites, etc.


・Urge people not provide alcoholic beverages (including drinks brought into the establishments by users themselves), and not to provide karaoke equipment.


・Closely follow guidelines as specified for each type of business


Meeting venues

Gathering venues, public halls, exhibition centers,

rental spaces, cultural centers, multi-purpose halls, etc.

Hotels, etc.

(Only applied to rooms used for gathering)

Hotels & Japanese Inns

Exercise and sports facilities

Gymnasiums, swimming pools, athletic sports areas, baseball fields, golf courses, tennis grounds, batting centers, martial arts dojos, archery ranges, bowling

alleys, sports clubs, yoga studios, theme parks &

amusement areas, etc.

Museums, etc.

Museums, art museums, libraries, science museums, memorial halls, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, etc.

Amusement arcades, etc.

Mahjong palours, pachinko parlours, game centers etc.

Entertainment facilities

Private video viewing rooms, bathing facilities with private rooms, shooting ranges, horse racing betting stores, off track car racing betting stores, etc.

Retail stores

 (excluding businesses that provide daily necessities)

Large scale retail stores, shopping centers, department stores, etc.

Service businesses

 (excluding businesses that cater to daily necessities)

Spas, nail salons, beauty parlours, relaxation parlours,  etc.


※Note: We will provide financial assistance to large facilities which comply with the request, as well as to other businesses inside such large facilities which are affected by the shortening of business hours.