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Emergency measures against "5th wave" spread of infection (excerpt)

Emergency measures against

"5th wave" spread of infection




Decided on August 20, 2021

Gifu Prefecture Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control

Implementation period: From August 20 ~ Septemter 12, 2021



Infection prevention based on priority measures

To residents of the prefecture

・Try not to go to crowded places.

・Even during the daytime, refrain from going out unnecessarily. When going out is a must, try to limit one's movement to basic daily routine and interact with as few people as possible. Avoid going to places where and when there are a lot of people around. Also avoid going to restaurants or other establishments which do not take appropriate measures to prevent infection or which do not shorten business hours as requested by the government.

・Refrain from moving between prefectures. Particularly, refrain from going back and forth to an area where a "state of emergency" has been declared.

・Refrain from walking about, drinking, dining out unnecessarily after 8pm.

・Avoid engaging in high risk behaviors that can spread infection such as  gathering and eating with a group of people at parks or on sidewalks, etc.

Number of new infections per 100,000 people in Gifu Prefecture (7-day moving total)