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Declaration in all of Gifu "Life saving measures"

Declaration in all of Gifu

"Life saving measures"


Decided on August 14, 2021

Gifu Prefecture Council for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control


Sudden surge in Covid-19 infection due to Delta variant


Currently, new cases of infected persons are increasing sharply throughout Japan.  This trend is the same in Gifu prefecture with over 100 people daily reportedly being infected, reaching "infection explosion" point.


If this condition is not stopped, the medical system will collapse by the end of August, ambulance services won't be able to deliver patients, we will be in a state of catastrophical level unable to help save lives.


Now is the time to protect ourselves, our loved ones by showing strong behavioral restraint, by relying on the so-called "self-lockdown" mode.


Please continue to follow basic precautions. In addition to that, please try to social distance from others as much as possible.  


People of Gifu, let all become one in this fight against covid-19!


Denizens as well as business persons in Gifu


Please continue routinely performing standard precautions (wearing masks, washing fingers, avoiding close contact, and keeping oneself in good health). In addition, please avoid crowded places and follow the guidelines below.



・ Please postpone or cancel the trip home to visit your loved ones if that means leaving one prefecture to enter another. Also, if you feel unwell for some reason, it's best to cancel the trip home.


Business trips

・  Please try to reduce the number of business trips and at the same time, cancel or postpone business trips that cross prefectural borders. If it cannot be avoided, please make it a one-day trip, avoid crowds, refrain from partying or eating with others.


Trips, leisure, parties

・  Please postpone or cancel trips, leisure activities that involve leaving one prefecture and entering another. Please refrain from eating, partying with: relatives, acquaintances at class reunion, people you rarely meet. Also please refrain from eating out with friends, with colleagues or coworkers.