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Gifu Prefecture Compliance Fund (6th) to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

"Gifu Prefecture Compliance Fund (6th) to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19"

Related to the Demand for Cooperation with a Shortening of Business Opening Hours

Implementation Outline



Compliance Fund payments will be made to those business operators for their business branches to which these demands are applicable and who have complied fully with the Prefectural Government's demands for a shortening of opening hours, etc., for the entirety of the applicable period, in order to help suppress the further spread of COVID-19 infection which continues to expand daily.


2.Application Process

Applications for payment of this Compliance Fund (6th) can be made by those who meet all of the conditions outlined below:

(1)  The business operator must have cooperated with the following demands. (Including those who temporarily closed their business for the period)

     Moreover, there may be changes such as a shortening of the period of the demand or the amount of compliance fund paid if there are changes to the Government's basic measures guidelines during the period of the demand.

・Targeted Areas:                      Gifu, Ogaki, Mino-kamo, Kakamigahara, Kani & Mizuho Cities

・Demand Period:                       June 21st 2021 (Monday) - July 4th 2021 (Sunday)  【14 days】

・Targeted Business Types:          Eating & drinking businesses

※ Eating & drinking businesses (including izakayas) and cafes etc.

(Excluding delivery and takeaway services etc.)

                                                        Entertainment facilities etc.

※  Bars & karaoke boxes etc. that have received operating permission in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law (excluding internet & manga cafes).

・Demand Contents:                    Shortening of opening hours to from 5:00AM until 9:00PM

(However, alcohol should only be served from 11:00AM until 8:00PM)

(2) The business branch must be located within Gifu, Ogaki, Mino-kamo, Kakamigahara, Kani & Mizuho City.

(3) The business must have received all of the relevant operating permissions as required for the type of business that it is.

(4) The business must fully cooperate with the demands of the prefecture during the demand period.

(5) The applicable business must be an eating & drinking business or entertainment facility, etc., that has been operating from 21:00 (9:00PM) and onward until 5:00AM. ※ This also applies to business branches that have been voluntarily shortening their business hours in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections since demands were made for the shortening of hours during the 1st wave of infections (starting in April 18th 2020).

(6) The applicant must be a person with the authority to decide the opening hours and the contents of the business operations of the relevant business branch.

(7) Eating & drinking businesses involving hospitality service (such as hostess or host clubs), karaoke facilities & live houses must have created and submitted an Infection Prevention Measures Manual and have had it checked and confirmed.

(8) The applicant must not have submitted a false or improper application for the earlier "Gifu Prefecture Compliance Fund (1st through 5th) to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19".

(9) The company must have no employee, representative or director of the business who is involved in criminal gangs or other such anti-social activities and the running of the business must not be under the influence of any criminal gang.

(10) The applicant is not an individual or corporation which operates a business which the Governor has recognized as having been a place where COVID-19 infection has spread during the formation of a cluster during the demand period (from June 21st 2021 to July 4th 2021).

(11) The business must have acquired a "Sticker for Business Branches Implementing COVID-19 Measures" having strictly adhered to the Guidelines for Each Type of Business and the "Behavior Guidelines for Living Through COVID-19 Society".


3.Amount Paid

※    The number of days of the demand period and the amount of payment per day are subject to change depending on conditions, such as the spread of infections, etc.

The following should be treated as reference information until the official applications guidelines are published.

〇 For Small & Medium Businesses:

(Compliance fund payment amount per day will be decided based upon the average daily sales figure from either the last fiscal year or the fiscal year before last)

・Business branches where the average daily sales figure for the last fiscal year or fiscal year before last is 83,333 yen or less:   25,000 yen per day

・Business branches where the average daily sales figure for the last fiscal year or fiscal year before last is between 83,333 yen and 250,000 yen:   25,000 - 75,000 yen per day 【Calculated as (average daily sales figure of applicable year) x 0.3】

・Business branches where the average daily sales figure for the last fiscal year or fiscal year before last is 250,000 yen or greater:   75,000 yen per day

〇 Large Businesses (Small & Medium Businesses can also choose this option)

・Reduction from average daily sales figure x 0.4 (Upper limit of 200,000 yen per day, or daily sales x 0.3 - whichever is smaller.)


4. Application Submission Period 

From July 16th 2021 (Friday) until September 15th 2021 (Wednesday)

 ・Applications postmarked September 15th 2021 will be accepted.

 ・Please be careful as we will not be able to accept late applications.


5. Inquiries Regarding the Compliance Fund (6th)

"Gifu Prefecture Compliance Fund Consultation Center (Call Center)":

TEL: 058-272-8192 (open from 9:00 until 17:00)


Please check the Gifu Prefectural Government's official website for further information: (Japanese only)