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Beware of Infection Risks in Summer (Excerpt)

Beware of Infection Risks in Summer (Excerpt)

Decided on July 20, 2021

COVID-19 Infection Countermeasures Headquarters

Gifu Prefectural Government

Implementation period: July 22, 2021 - August 31, 2021

 We would like to ask all residents and businesses of Gifu to continue taking thorough preventive measures to protect their own lives and the lives of their family members and friends.


Countermeasure 1: Infection Control in Summer

<Risk Avoidance in Summer

 Make careful decisions about returning home to prevent the spread of infection.

(In particular, please refrain from returning home from areas where infection is spreading.)

It is not recommended to meet with people you do not usually see for reasons such as eating, drinking, and hosting and attending gatherings of relatives and associates (including reunions).

It is not recommended to travel to areas where the infection is spreading and refrain from participating in leisure activities in such areas. When barbecuing, do it only with family members living together.

When organizing or participating in fireworks display events and summer festivals, make sure to keep an adequate distance between people.


<Infection Control during the Olympic Games (July 23 - August 8) and Paralympic Games (August 24 - September 5)> 

It is not recommended to watch the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics live on TV with a large group of people while eating and drinking at home, restaurants, and other eating and drinking establishments.


Countermeasure 2: Thorough Implementation of Infection Prevention Measures (Ongoing) 

  Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep physical distance from people, and continue monitoring your physical condition.

BE CAUTIOUS when going out and touring the surrounding.

・Even if you need to go on a business trip, please avoid traveling to and from areas where the infection is spreading, such as the metropolitan area.

Avoid the risk of infection when eating and drinking.

・Meet in small groups for a short time. Do not drink heavily or talk loudly. Wear a mask while talking.

・When eating out, choose establishments that display the "Sticker for Business Branches Implementing COVID-19 Measures" and have thorough infection prevention measures in place.