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Designation as a Special Measures District to Prevent the Further Spread of Infections (Extract)

Designation as a Special Measures District to Prevent the Further Spread of Infections (Extract)

May 7th 2021

COVID-19 Infection Measures Headquarters

Gifu Prefectural Government




As of today (May 7th), Gifu Prefecture has been designated by the Japanese Government as a district where special measures are being implemented to prevent the further spread of infections. As such, we will proceed with infection prevention measures for the period until the end of May.



Measure 1   Eating & Drinking Measures

Aimed at Eating & Drinking Businesses Etc.

〇 Demand for eating & drinking businesses etc. to shorten their operating hours.

Compliance fund payments will depend on the following conditions

・No serving of alcohol at any time of day

・Restrictions from use of karaoke facilities

Demand Period:  From May 9th (Sun) to May 31st (Mon) (23 day period)

※  However, the period of two days from the 9th to the 11th is a probationary period and those complying starting on the 11th will be recognized (with a reduced amount of compliance fund paid).

Demand Contents: Shortening of operating hours for eating & drinking businesses etc. to from 5:00AM to 20:00

Targeted Areas:   Gifu, Ogaki, Tajimi, Seki, Nakatsugawa, Hashima, Mino-kamo, Toki, Kakamigahara, Kani, Mizuho & Motosu Cities, and Ginan, Kasamatsu, Yoro & Kitagata Towns

Compliance Fund:  the following amount per day:

※ Payments will only be made to those complying for the entire period.

Per Business Branch:

Small & Medium Businesses: 30,000 - 100,000 yen

Large Businesses: Reduction in daily sales x 0.4

(Upper limit of 200,000 yen per day. Small & medium

businesses can also choose this option.)

〇   Demand for cessation of serving of alcohol at all eating & drinking businesses within the areas targeted by the demand for a shortening of operating hours

〇   Demand for restraint from use of karaoke facilities at all facilities which possess them within Gifu Prefecture

To Prefectural Residents

〇   Demand to avoid use of eating & drinking businesses etc. which do not thoroughly implement infection prevention measures as well as eating & drinking businesses etc. which do not comply with the demand for a reduction in operating hours

〇   Demand to avoid drinking of alcohol in large group or over long times even within the home

〇   Demand to avoid barbecues in river bank spaces etc. (Also closing of entrances to river bank spaces etc.)



Measure 2   Restrictions on Outings & Travel


〇    Avoid unnecessary and non-urgent outings and travel at all times of day

〇    Avoid travel to and from regions where states of emergency have been declared, such as Aichi Prefecture, or where the district has been designated as needing special measures to prevent further spread of infections