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COVID-19 "4th Wave" Spread Suppression Methods (Extract)


"4th Wave" Spread Suppression Methods (Extract)


Published April 8th 2021

COVID-19 Infection Countermeasures Headquarters

Gifu Prefectural Government


 The number of COVID-19 infections continues to increase throughout the country and the first "spread prevention measures" were instituted with Miyagi, Osaka and Hyogo Prefectures named as targeted areas within the period from April 5th to May 5th.

 The number of infections is increasing within Gifu Prefecture as well and it can be said that we have already "entered into the 4th wave" of the COVID-19 infection.

 We ask all prefectural residents and business operators to thoroughly implement the "new behavior guidelines".

 Moreover, stronger measures will be considered going forward, including demands for a reduction in business operating hours, if judged to be necessary.


Thorough Implementation of "New Behaviour Guidelines".


 First, "continue to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures (the wearing of masks, hand hygiene and avoidance of the three Cs)".


(1) Exercise careful caution with regard to "travel between prefectures", "outings" and "eating & drinking".

・  Avoid or postpone travel to regions where the number of infections is increasing, such as districts where special measures are being implemented to prevent the further spread of infections (particularly the Kansai region).

(2) Thoroughly implement of infection prevention measures with regard to events in the extended holiday period

Avoid communal dining in large groups with relatives or school friends etc. who have returned home for the holiday period.

・  Avoid after-parties and implement infection prevention measures at "coming-of-age parties".

・  Avoid "barbecues" as they involve invitations for eating and drinking for long periods of time and drinking alcohol late into the night.

・  Avoid karaoke if you are unable to wear a mask while doing it.

(3) Implement Infection Prevention Measures for each type of Business

・  Thoroughly implement and strictly observe guidelines for each type of business in each workplace and business.



Implementation of preventative testing (from "Medical & Welfare Measures")

①          Expansion of eligibility for preventative testing at welfare facilities

②          Expansion of eligibility for preventative testing at foreigner pubs etc.

-          Regular implementation at churches and Japanese language schools from the end of April.

※  Ogaki, Kani & Mino-kamo Cities, where the proportion of foreign residents is high as a share of population

-          Encouragement of active uptake of tests at businesses employing foreign residents in cooperation with personnel dispatch companies etc.

③          Implementation of monitoring tests in cooperation with national government

-       Implementation focused around places with high risk of infection such as downtown areas.