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COVID-19 Emergency Measures (March 8th - early April) 【Mid-review】 (Extract)

COVID-19 Emergency Measures (March 8th - early April)

~ Avoiding Further Spread as we Aim to End the 3rd Wave ~

Mid-review (Extract)



March 23rd 2021

COVID-19 Infection Measures Headquarters

Gifu Prefectural Government


 After the end of the State of Emergency Declaration in Gifu Prefecture, emergency measures were decided by the Prefectural Government on March 5th. Following that, both the number of new infections and the occupation rate of hospital facilities have continued to decline.

 However, the 3rd wave has still not been completely suppressed and those numbers have not gone to zero.

 In light of this situation, it is essential for us all to continue to work toward the suppression of the 3rd wave and avoid further spread of infection without a lapse in alertness and we are proceeding with emergency measures focused on the main points outlined below.

 Moveover, we will reevaluate these measures swiftly in the event that the status of infections within the Prefecture worsens and Stage 3 of the Japanese Government's framework is reached.


Thorough implementation & strengthening of screening tests for COVID-19 "variants"


Increase of preventative testing

・   Preventative testing is currently being implemented for workers at facilities for the elderly in Gifu City. Going forward, the scope of targeted areas and targeted facilities will be expanded and this will be carried out on a concentrated basis until the vaccine is widely rolled out.

・   Testing carried out aimed at foreigner pubs in Kani City etc. will also be expanded going forward.


Steady promotion of vaccinations

・   Going forward, priority vaccinations of elderly people will be started after medical personnel.


Caution at eating & drinking events at the end & start of the fiscal year

・   Thorough avoidance of high infection risk welcome events, flower-viewing parties, other parties involving eating & drinking & similar events etc.