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COVID-19 Emergency Measures (Extract) - Avoiding Further Spread as We Aim to End the 3rd Wave -

COVID-19 Emergency Measures (Extract)

-   Avoiding Further Spread as We Aim to End the 3rd Wave -

March 8th - Early April

Issued March 5th 2021

COVID-19 Infection Measures Headquarters

Gifu Prefectural Government


 Since the beginning of the 3rd Wave, measures against COVID-19 have been in place across approximately four months. As a result, the State of Emergency declaration in Gifu Prefecture has been ended as we have now moved to "Stage 2" of the Japanese Government's framework in all criteria.

 However, it is not the case that the 3rd Wave itself has ended. Infection numbers have not been completely reduced and we must remain particularly alert. We now face a season which requires severe caution as high-infection risk events are held and the movement of people increases in the coming month, as shown by the experiences of last year.

 Measures will be revised swiftly in response to any changes in the situation with COVID-19 infections in Gifu Prefecture, for example if the conditions are met for "Stage 3" of the Japanese Government's framework.


Continue to Thoroughly Observe the "Behaviour Changes" Requested of Prefectural Residents & Business Operators

Observe the following points thoroughly, in addition to "continuing to maintain basic infection prevention measures (masks, hand hygiene & avoiding the three Cs)".






(1)          Thoroughly avoid high infection-risk events in the spring (welcome & goodbye parties, hanami (flower-viewing) parties and other parties involving eating & drinking etc.)


(2)          Avoid or postpone graduation trips etc. (events where large scale communal eating & drinking can not be avoided effectively)


(3)          Exercise careful judgement with regard to "travel between prefectures", "outings" and "eating & drinking".


(4)          Ensure thorough implementation of infection prevention measures in eating & drinking businesses as well as other types of business.


・  It is essential for both business operators and business customers to continue to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures

・  The demand for a shortening of operating hours for eating & drinking businesses etc. will be ended.


(5)         Continue initiatives such as work-from-home & flexible working hours to reduce the number of people in workplaces.


(6)         Restrictions on the hosting of events will continue.