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State of Emergency Measures (Extract)

State of Emergency Measures (Extract)

Issued January 14th 2021

Revised February 4th 2021

COVID-19 Infection Measures Headquarters

Gifu Prefectural Government


We are proceeding with stronger measures since Gifu Prefecture has been added to the Japanese Government's list of "districts that should implement state of emergency measures" on January 14th (Thursday).

As the period of the state of emergency measures was recently extended until March 7th, Gifu Prefecture will also extend our emergency measures.


The Situation in Gifu Prefecture

・  41 clusters have occurred since December related to high-risk eating & drinking activities.

・  Many infections are occurring in every situation of daily life, including at workplaces, schools and in the home.

・  Record daily high of 105 new infections was confirmed on January 9th.

・  There are also many cases of younger people passing on infection to older relatives (parents etc) and also many cases of even younger people suffering from after-effects, even if they may not have experienced symptoms or have only experienced light symptoms.


Desired Changes in the Behavior of Prefectural Residents

(1) Avoid high-risk eating & drinking activities

・Avoid the following (Regardless of the time of day, and whether you are eating at home or eating out):

◇ Eating and drinking with people other than your significant other or family members

◇ Eating and drinking over a long period of time

◇ Eating and drinking with alcohol while conversing with a loud voice

◇ Talking without wearing a mask or chatting while eating or drinking, etc.

・The issuing of new "GoTo Eat" Coupons will once again be postponed. Continue to avoid use of "GoTo Eat" Coupons you have already printed. (Period of validity is scheduled to be extended)

(2) Avoid unnecessary and non-urgent outings

(Regardless of the time of day. Going out after 8:00PM is particularly discouraged.)

 Special Measures Law Article 45 Section 1

・ Matters necessary for the preservation of daily life and health, such as attending medical institutions, going out to buy food, medicine and other goods essential to daily life, necessary trips to work and walks or exercise outdoors are excluded from the call to avoid outings.

(3) Avoid unnecessary and non-urgent travel between prefectures

Special Measures Law Article 45 Section 1

・  In particular, avoid travel to the metropolitan area (Tokyo) and prefectures (Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Aichi and Fukuoka) which are on the list of "districts that should implement state of emergency measures".


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