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Information about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (3)

Information about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (3)


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is rapidly spreading across the world, and many cases of infection are being reported within Japan as well. Since February 26, individuals in Gifu Prefecture have also tested positive for COVID-19.

Please keep up to date with the latest information regarding the disease and take measures to prevent the spread of infection.


Dear Prefectural Residents See here for PDF 

 ■Procedure for consultation, testing and treatment within Gifu Prefecture

 ■Regarding the purchase of everyday commodities:

  As COVID-19 spreads, false rumors on social media about shortages of products such as toilet paper and tissues are causing panic-buying in Gifu Prefecture as well. The majority of these products are manufactured in Japan, and we have confirmation that stocks will not run out. We ask that prefectural residents respond calmly to the current situation and not be taken in by false information and unsubstantiated rumors.

 ■Changes at prefectural cultural facilities (partial suspension of services)

 ■Changes at major prefectural sports facilities

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