Hirata Japanese Class - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Hirata Japanese Class

Hirata Japanese class

電話番号090-5007-5786(FAX 0584-32-0463)



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Hirata Kinro Seishonen Homu (Hirata Working Youth Home), Fureai Center
4441-1 Imao, Hirata-cho, Kaizu-shi
(200m west of Community Bus Imao bus stop, south of Imao Elementary School)
Free parking available

Class Summary

We currently have 26 foreign nationals and 9 volunteers participating. The class has a warm atmosphere like a family. We not only help people with their learning, but also with their personal lives, and we work to relieve some of the concerns that the participating foreign nationals may have. 2-3 people at the same level study together in groups in a way that suits each of them. Some participants are focusing on studying for the JLPT.

Term Dates

No term/ semester system

Day / Time

Sundays 13:00 – 16:00

Course Fees etc.

Course fee: 1200 yen per year


Any time

Type of Class

Small groups(9 groups)

Course contents

Conversation / Grammar / Reading and writing / Preparation for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test / Culture exchange

Class Level

Beginners to advanced

of Activities

In April 2023, we went to bus training at Inuyama castle and Little World in Aichi Prefecture. We put on various events last year, for example in July, we had a Tanabata (Star Festival) party, in December a Christmas party, and then in January 2024 we held a New Year’s party. In addition, together with the other Kaizu class, we organized a life safety workshop and a disaster prevention workshop. We participated in the Kaizu city Industry Thanksgiving festival and a New Year’s Tea Ceremony. We also arrange activites for the class participants to present the culture of their home country and to experience Japanese culture.

In addition to studying Japanese, we are planning more fun events!


Our aim is to create a classroom full of smiling faces! (^^♪


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Recruiting lecturers and volunteers!