Easy Japanese Class - ぎふ日本語学習支援サイト(英語)

Easy Japanese Class

Shirotori Town International Association
FAX: 0575-82-3117 (Gujo City Hall, Shirotori Promotion Office)


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Shirotori Fureai Souzoukan (Creative Center)
Shirotori 359-26, Shirotori Town, Gujo City, 〒501-5112
5 minute walk from Mino-Shirotori Station on the Nagara-gawa Tetsudo Line 
Free parking available

Class Summary

This class is aimed at improving conversational skills and learning expressions using easy Japanese on topics such as food, festivals, and life in Japan. ※ Please note that this class does not cover JLPT preparation.

Term Dates

Around September to November

Course Fees etc.


Type of Class

Classroom-style(One class)

Course contents

Conversation / Culture exchange / Others

Class Level

Introductory/ Not specified

 of Activities

Our aim is to promote friendly relations between citizens of Gujo and foreign residents on the basis of mutual understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and industrial exchanges, thereby contributing to international goodwill, world peace, and the welfare of humankind.


Learn the conversational skills necessary for daily life through themes such as cultural differences in food, festivals, and dance. If you want to practice speaking, let’s have fun together and learn to have conversations in Japanese!

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