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Roundup: Information about COVID-19

1 Consultation Centers for COVID-19

Governor's Message on the "Medical State of Crisis Declaration"


In Gifu Prefecture, we currently find ourselves amongst the biggest wave of infections yet as the cumulative total of infections reached 1,895 people up to December 24th and the number of daily infections reached a new high of 56 people on December 23rd and 24th.

In light of the pressing and critical situation facing the medical system within Gifu Prefecture and the resulting need to limit the number of new infections, we ask that you make yet further efforts in infection prevention measures in the New Years Period.


○ New Year Visits to Shrines (Hatsu-mode)

・Exercise self-restraint in avoiding visits to shrines in the first three days of the new year and consider measures such as delaying your visit by a week; many people visiting on the same days leads to crowdedness and an extremely high risk of infection


○ Youth Measures

・We request that you avoid travelling to Aichi Prefecture to the greatest extent possible

・Eat & drink in small numbers with people you are normally with and exercise self-restraint in avoiding end-of-year parties, countdowns, new year parties and drinking parties with friends


We ask for your cooperation in coming together as "all Gifu" in thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures over the New Years Period in order to ensure that we can welcome a peaceful new year and a bright & cheerful spring period.

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Governor's Message

Concentrated Measures in the High Infection Risk New Years Period


December 14th 2020


In Gifu Prefecture we are currently facing an unprecedented surge of infections, with the highest ever single day infection count of 55 people being confirmed on December 12th and the formation of over 29 clusters since November.

In order to protect everybody's health and avoid the collapse of the healthcare system, efforts are needed to prevent further increase in COVID-19 infection numbers. As such, we ask that you all thoroughly implement the following concentrated measures during the high infection risk New Years Period (Dec. 15th - Jan. 12th).


(1) Exercise self-restraint with regard to unessential and non-urgent travel between prefectures, in particular to and from Aichi Prefecture

○          Exercise self-restraint in avoiding "travel" crossing prefectural boundaries and also self-control with regard to "returning home in the New Years Period"

○          In particular, thoroughly avoid high infection risk situations such as "end-of-year parties", "Christmas gatherings", "hatsu-mode" (visiting a shrine for the first time in the New Year), "new year parties" and "coming-of-age after parties"


(2) Measures regarding eating and drinking

○          Exercise self-restraint in avoiding "eating and drinking in large groups (five people or more) other than with family", "eating and drinking with alcohol" after 9PM and "use of eating and drinking facilities with hospitality service" (Eat and drink with people you are normally with, in small numbers)


With all of Gifu working together to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures, we can get through the New Years Period.


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COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures in the New Year Period

Joint Message from Governors of Aichi, Gifu & Mie Prefectures

Large numbers of new cases of infection are continuing to spread both nationwide and in the Three Prefectures that comprise the Tokai region. We ask for thorough implementation of infection prevention measures conducted with the utmost caution as we get through the 3rd wave and enter the New Year Period.



Infection Status in the Three Prefectures

After passing through the 2nd wave in each Prefecture, the situation requires continued caution as the record number of daily infections continues to be surpassed.

"Medical and welfare institutions", "dining gatherings with large numbers of people", "schools", "communities   of foreign residents", "businesses" and "downtown drinking and eating establishments offering hospitality service" continue to see increasing infections and the formation of clusters.


To all Prefectural Residents

Exercise care with regards to travel across Prefectural borders

・  There will be a concentrated movement of people in the New Year Period. Take measures to help disperse the movement of people over a longer period, such as by taking holidays before or after the New Year Period.

・  Avoid unnecessary and non-urgent travel for the period until January 11th to the areas for which the Goto Travel project was first suspended where the spread of infection is particularly bad. Also, restrain yourself from travel across Prefectural borders to other regions for the period from December 28th to January 11th, taking into account the fact that the Goto Travel campaign was suspended nationwide to suppress the concentrated spread of infection.

・  If you must unavoidably travel across Prefectural borders, check the guidelines and demands of local authorities in the area where you reside and to where you are travelling and thoroughly implement infection prevention measures.

・  At your destination, be wary of the "five situations" in which the risk of infection is high.

※  "Parties involving alcohol etc", "eating & drinking with large numbers of people or over long times", "conversation without wearing masks", "shared small living spaces" and "changes of place which may take you off your guard".

 ・In the Three Prefectures we will provide necessary information as rapidly as possible and we ask that you stay updated about current information.

Thoroughly implement infection prevention measures if returning home for the New Years Period

・ First consider if you can't return home at a different time instead.

・  Check local authority demands in the area where you live, avoid high infection risk situations such as large dining gatherings etc in the 2 weeks before you return home and take care of your physical condition thoroughly.

・  If there are elderly or vulnerable (those with prior conditions) persons in the home you are returning to, wear a mask even within the home.

・  Avoid returning home if you are in bad physical condition.

・  Explain these measures to family outside of the Prefecture.

Be wary of dining gatherings such as end-of-year and new-year parties

・   In the New Years Period, there are many opportunities for parties and dining gatherings. Exercise plenty of caution toward such gatherings with large numbers of people and/or for long times involving alcohol, including gatherings with relatives.

・   If travelling to an area where businesses are shortening their opening hours in light of the continuing formation of clusters within eating and drinking businesses, thoroughly check the guidelines for the region and apply an extra level of caution.

・  For end-of-year parties etc, take measures such as "not participating if you feel even slightly unwell", "gathering in small numbers for short times", "drinking only reasonable amounts of alcohol" and "sitting diagonally and avoid sitting next to or across from each other".

Thorough implementation of infection prevention measures at seasonal events.

・  The season has many events where large groups of people gather together, such as Christmas, New Years Eve, the first sunrise of the new year, and hatsu-mode (the first visit to a shrine in the new year). Thoroughly implement infection prevention measures such as maintaining social distance, wearing masks, not conversing with loud voices and avoiding alcohol, and restrain yourself from participation if it is not possible to take appropriate infection prevention measures.

Check now and make a point to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures

・  In order to prevent the spread of infection, it is important for each and every person to carry out infection prevention measures without fail. Thoroughly implement basic measures such as the wearing of masks, hand-washing and sterilization and the maintenance of social distance.

For Businesses/Facility Managers

Spread holidays over the New Years Period

・  Many people will move over the New Years Period, where a number of holidays are concentrated.

    As far as possible, spread your holidays over a longer period. Promotion of usage of paid

 leave for employees is also an effective way of dispersing holidays.

Reconfirm thorough implementation of infection prevention measures

・  Pay attention to and respect the "Guidelines for Infection Prevention Measures in Each Type of Business", thoroughly implement effective infection prevention measures taking into account the individual measures requested by the governors of the Three Prefectures suited for the particular characteristics of each region.

・  In particular, continue to thoroughly implement measures in social welfare facilities and medical institutions where there is a high risk of users developing severe symptoms.

・   Risks can also become high outside of working hours, at events such as parties etc. Re-remind all of your workers.

Consideration of Human Rights in Relation to COVID-19

〇    Aim to create a society which does not take part in unjustified discrimination or prejudice against infected persons, persons belonging to groups where infections have occurred or persons returning home from outside the Prefecture etc. based on false information such as social media or rumors.


December 15th 2020

Governor of Aichi Prefecture    Omura Hideaki

Governor of Gifu Prefecture      Furuta Hajime

Governor of Mie Prefecture       Suzuki Eikei





Message to all Prefectural Residents



STOP! "COVID-19 Harassment"

(1) The enemy we must fight is the virus, not other people

It is possible for anybody to be infected. Remember that the virus is the enemy, and infected persons are victims. We should all work together to fight the virus while showing kindness to infected persons.

(2) Get correct information, and be aware of the right things

The period in which an infected person can infect others is "from two (2) days before the onset of symptoms until seven to ten (7 - 10) days after the onset of symptoms". Furthermore, persons who have been discharged from facilities are not able to infect others. Arm yourself with the "correct information" and do not exclude people or be afraid of them unnecessarily.

(3) Do not be afraid of people from organizations to which infected persons belong

In Gifu Prefecture, persons with close contact are investigated and swift testing is carried out after an infected person has been discovered within a certain organization. We should therefore not avoid people from that organization or be afraid of them unnecessarily.

(4) Do not irresponsibly spread misinformation

Do not spread unfounded gossip or spread uncertain information about infections on social media etc. Furthermore, if you encounter false information, rumours or speculation, do not be taken in by them and also make sure to avoid spreading them.


Message for all Foreign Residents of Gifu Prefecture (Draft)




Celebrate A New Style of Christmas



Gifu Prefecture is currently experiencing an increase of COVID-19 cases.

In the New Years Period, continue to thoroughly implement the "wearing of masks", "avoidance of large gatherings", "hand-washing" and "maintenance of social distance".

Furthermore, this Christmas please be diligent with your safety precautions and celebrate Christmas in a new way to protect both yourselves and your loved ones.


Christmas eng.png

Please see Gifu Prefecture's website for Guidelines for Working in a World with COVID-19. (Japanese only)

〇 The prefecture created a video in English on measures to avoid COVID-19 infection.

 Gifu kensei Hot Line

Full Cooperation of all Foreign Residents   PDFダウンロードボタン  


〇This is how COVID-19 Spreads


 flyer    PDFダウンロードボタン   

How to Access Consultations & Examinations in the event of Symptoms such as Fever etc.

① First, consult a nearby medical institution (your family physician etc ) by telephone.
② If you do not have a family physician or are otherwise unsure who to call, please consult one of the "Exam/Consultation Centers".
③ Please follow the guidance of the place you consulted (for example, being examined there or being introduced to another institution) and undergo examination.


※ Testing will be carried out if determined to be necessary by the Physician.

※ Those examination & testing medical  institutions that requested public display are publically displayed on the official Gifu Prefecture website.



・If you have continuous cold-like symptoms or a fever, or are experiencing extreme fatigue or difficulty breathing, please contact a Consultation Center before visiting a medical institution. If you have any symptoms and have recently returned from overseas, you should immediately notify a Consultation Center for Returnees and those with Close Contact, regardless of which country you have returned from.

For foreign language consultations, please contact 
Gifu Prefectural Consultation Center for Foreign Residents:





2  COVID-19 Situation within Gifu Prefecture


          3,819 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Gifu Prefecture

(as of January 21, 2021)

Cases of COVID-19 within Gifu Prefecture


3 Messages to Prefectural Residents

・Governor's Message (November 25)    PDFダウンロードボタン 

Governor's Message (October 29)   

Governor's Message (September 1) PDFダウンロードボタン

Governor's Message(Aug 7)(PDF)

Emergency Measures to be Taken Against the "Second Wave State of Emergency"(July 31)(Revised  Aug 7)(PDF)

Governor's Message (July 21) (PDF) 


State of Emergency Comprehensive Plan (May 5) 

Governor's Message (May 5) (PDF) 

State of Emergency flyer (PDF)

Critical phase in preventing further spread of COVID-19 flyer (PDF)

Governor's Message (April 24) (PDF) 
State of Emergency Comprehensive Plan (April 20) (PDF)

List of establishments requested to suspend operations (PDF) 

Declaration of State of Emergency (April 10) (PDF) 

Message from the Governor of Gifu Prefecture (March 27) (PDF) 

Please keep up to date with the latest information regarding the disease and take measures to prevent the spread of infection.

 See PDF for details regarding the following: 

 ■Procedure for consultation, testing and treatment within Gifu Prefecture

 ■Regarding the purchase of everyday commodities:

As COVID-19 spreads, false rumors on social media about shortages of products such as toilet paper and tissues are causing panic-buying in Gifu Prefecture as well. The majority of these products are manufactured in Japan, and we have confirmation that stocks will not run out. We ask that prefectural residents respond calmly to the current situation and not be taken in by false information and unsubstantiated rumors.

 ■Changes at prefectural cultural facilities (partial suspension of services)

 ■Changes at major prefectural sports facilities

COVID-19 symptoms and preventative measures (PDF)

(updated Feb 27)

Alert regarding COVID-19 in Gifu Prefecture  

Preventing Outbreaks of the Novel Coronavirus

Avoid the "Three Cs"! 

Extended Hours for Foreign Language Consultations regarding COVID-19


4 Other Information   

Guide to Special Cash Payments (Ministry of Internal Affairs)

Measures to reduce congestion at the immigration counters in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19.(Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

For Foreigners Working in Companies

COVID-19 Response & Control Measures Instruction Manual For Accommodation & Lodgings

5 Other information about COVID-19  

Benefits and Support for COVID-19  (for Employee and Employer)

(guide by mail, translated in 4 languages)    (guide for writing)


Information and Support regarding COVID-19 via LINE


Multilingual Emergency Updates from NHK (18 languages)

NHK WORLD (18 languages)

English information on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website

Guidance on Temporary Loan Emergency Funds

Awareness Posters (English):

General preventative measures

Washing hands

Coughing manners


Celebrate A New Style of Christmas


Gifu Prefecture is currently experiencing an increase of COVID-19 cases.

In the New Years Period, continue to thoroughly implement the "wearing of masks", "avoidance of large gatherings", "hand-washing" and "maintenance of social distance".

Furthermore, this Christmas please be diligent with your safety precautions and celebrate Christmas in a new way to protect both yourselves and your loved ones.


1. Christmas at Home

〇 Celebrate Christmas at home with your immediate

family only.


2. Online Christmas

〇 Celebrate with cherished friends and family from your

native country online.

〇 Hold celebrations online even with friends you see



3. To Protect Those Around You

〇 Stop all activities if your physical condition seems


〇 Consult with your regular doctor (or one nearby) as

soon as possible.