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Roundup: Information about COVID-19


1 Consultation Centers for COVID-19

Governor's Message (September 1) PDFダウンロードボタン


Learn from the Second Wave and Continue to Exercise Caution


Thanks to the understanding and cooperation of all of the people of Gifu Prefecture, the rise in infections has reduced to a small number and, judging that we have gotten past the "state of emergency", we are rescinding the "Second Wave State of Emergency Declaration" for the time being.

However, it is possible a lapse in caution may contribute toward a third surge in infections. Each person should continue to exercise caution going forward.


1 Avoid high-infection-risk places

・  Many clusters occur in enclosed spaces where large gatherings of   people are consuming alcohol, including eating & drinking events, parties, karaoke and clubs.

We ask that you continue to avoid these places and behaviours with a high risk of infection and exercise caution in your behaviour. In particular, continuing to talk with your mask off after eating is dangerous.

2 Families should protect each other

・ The 2nd wave started centered around young people, and infections gradually spread to the middle-aged and elderly through families. The number of people with serious symptoms also increased.

Young people should also avoid the risk of being infected in order to avoid spreading the infection to family members going forward, including the elderly who have a high chance of serious symptoms.

3 Avoid infection at schools & workplaces

・ Carry out daily physical condition checks. Stop attending school/work and avoid trips if there is any abnormality. It is also important for schools and workplaces to treat ill people with kindness, creating an atmosphere where they can rest without worry.

September 1st Gifu Prefectural Government

STOP "COVID-19 Harassment" DeclarationPDFダウンロードボタンのサムネイル画像


STOP "COVID-19 Harassment" Declaration


What is "COVID-19 Harassment"?

The new-type coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus which has not been seen before by humanity and is therefore scary to everybody.

It may be possible that you are unconsciously excluding people or discriminating against others due to fear of this condition, misunderstanding or prejudice.

Has anything similar to any of the following things (COVID-19 Harassment) occurred around you recently?

・Formerly infected persons who have exited hospital being told to "go home" by shops or restaurants.

・Writings or posts online identifying people who have been infected.

・Restaurants suffering losses due to rumours of infections having occurred there.

Offer "kindness" and "gratitude".

COVID-19 could potentially infect anybody; we are fighting against the virus, not other people.

Offer "kindness" to protect those who are in the position of having been infected. Furthermore, offer "gratitude" to those medical staff and others who are on the frontlines in healthcare and social life preservation.

By treasuring connections between people like this, we can overcome this difficult situation.


〇  Let's completely eradicate the blaming and discriminatory treatment of patients, those in close-contact with infected persons, medical staff, foreigners, visitors from other regions, families of such persons and particular businesses.

〇  The dissemination of unreliable news concerning infections (fake news) is not something to be tolerated. Easily spread sources such as SNS posts only increase uncertainty.

〇 Let's offer our gratitude anew to those who support our daily lives by working as medical staff, being involved with measures against COVID-19, working to maintain the food supply or working in community safety.

September 1st 2020   Governor of Gifu Prefecture

                     Mayors of Gifu Prefecture's

                     42 Municipalities





Please see Gifu Prefecture's website for Guidelines for Working in a World with COVID-19. (Japanese only)

Full Cooperation of all Foreign Residents   PDFダウンロードボタン  

How to Access Consultations & Examinations in the event of Symptoms such as Fever etc.

① First, consult a nearby medical institution (your family physician etc ) by telephone.
② If you do not have a family physician or are otherwise unsure who to call, please consult one of the "Exam/Consultation Centers".
③ Please follow the guidance of the place you consulted (for example, being examined there or being introduced to another institution) and undergo examination.


※ Testing will be carried out if determined to be necessary by the Physician.

※ Those examination & testing medical  institutions that requested public display are publically displayed on the official Gifu Prefecture website.



・If you have continuous cold-like symptoms or a fever, or are experiencing extreme fatigue or difficulty breathing, please contact a Consultation Center before visiting a medical institution. If you have any symptoms and have recently returned from overseas, you should immediately notify a Consultation Center for Returnees and those with Close Contact, regardless of which country you have returned from.

For foreign language consultations, please contact 
Gifu Prefectural Consultation Center for Foreign Residents:





2  COVID-19 Situation within Gifu Prefecture  

660 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Gifu Prefecture (as of October 22, 2020)

Cases of COVID-19 within Gifu Prefecture


3 Messages to Prefectural Residents

Governor's Message(Aug 7)(PDF)

Emergency Measures to be Taken Against the "Second Wave State of Emergency"(July 31)(Revised  Aug 7)(PDF)

Governor's Message (July 21) (PDF) 


State of Emergency Comprehensive Plan (May 5) 

Governor's Message (May 5) (PDF) 

State of Emergency flyer (PDF)

Critical phase in preventing further spread of COVID-19 flyer (PDF)

Governor's Message (April 24) (PDF) 
State of Emergency Comprehensive Plan (April 20) (PDF)

List of establishments requested to suspend operations (PDF) 

Declaration of State of Emergency (April 10) (PDF) 

Message from the Governor of Gifu Prefecture (March 27) (PDF) 

Please keep up to date with the latest information regarding the disease and take measures to prevent the spread of infection.

 See PDF for details regarding the following: 

 ■Procedure for consultation, testing and treatment within Gifu Prefecture

 ■Regarding the purchase of everyday commodities:

As COVID-19 spreads, false rumors on social media about shortages of products such as toilet paper and tissues are causing panic-buying in Gifu Prefecture as well. The majority of these products are manufactured in Japan, and we have confirmation that stocks will not run out. We ask that prefectural residents respond calmly to the current situation and not be taken in by false information and unsubstantiated rumors.

 ■Changes at prefectural cultural facilities (partial suspension of services)

 ■Changes at major prefectural sports facilities

COVID-19 symptoms and preventative measures (PDF)

(updated Feb 27)

Alert regarding COVID-19 in Gifu Prefecture  

Preventing Outbreaks of the Novel Coronavirus

Avoid the "Three Cs"! 

Extended Hours for Foreign Language Consultations regarding COVID-19


4 Other Information   

Guide to Special Cash Payments (Ministry of Internal Affairs)

Measures to reduce congestion at the immigration counters in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19.(Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

For Foreigners Working in Companies

COVID-19 Response & Control Measures Instruction Manual For Accommodation & Lodgings

5 Other information about COVID-19  

Benefits and Support for COVID-19  (for Employee and Employer)

(guide by mail, translated in 4 languages)    (guide for writing)


Information and Support regarding COVID-19 via LINE


Multilingual Emergency Updates from NHK (18 languages)

NHK WORLD (18 languages)

English information on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website

Guidance on Temporary Loan Emergency Funds

Awareness Posters (English):

General preventative measures

Washing hands

Coughing manners