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Alert regarding COVID-19

Alert regarding COVID-19


A new case of COVID-19 (an individual who returned to Japan from New York, USA) has been confirmed within Gifu Prefecture.

Anyone who has returned from overseas, or lives with or has spent significant time with someone who has returned from overseas (including inside a vehicle or airplane) and has the following symptoms should immediately notify a Consultation Center for Returnees and those with Close Contact, regardless of nationality or area of residence.

・List of Consultation Centers for Returnees and those with Close Contact (see page 2): PDF 

・Foreign language consultations:
     Gifu Prefectural Consultation Center for Foreign Residents: 058-263-8066


① Cold-like symptoms and a fever of over 37.5°C for 4 days or more

  (includes those taking fever-reducing medicine)

② Extreme fatigue and difficultly breathing

 Please note that the following people are more at risk of becoming severely ill as a result of the virus, and should contact a Consultation Center if symptoms described in ① continue for 2 days or so:

・The elderly

・Those with underlying conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, or respiratory diseases (COPD, etc.)

・Dialysis patients

・Those taking immunosuppressive or anticancer drugs

・Pregnant women