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About the Mt. Ontake eruption (update)

Information concerning the eruption of Mt. Ontake on 27 September 2014:


  Volcanic activity at Mt. Ontake is continuing to settle down, and the probability of a second eruption of a scale similar to or larger than that of the eruption on the 27th September last year has decreased.

  However, as the volcanic vents continue to be seismically and volcanically active, there remains a possibility of another small-scale eruption.


Disaster Prevention Warnings


As a result of the eruption, entry to Mt. Otake is heavily restricted.


Do not, under any circumstances, try to enter any restricted areas in Mt. Otake.


Volcanic bombs (large boulders and pyroclastic rocks) may be ejected by the volcano in a 2km radius from the volcanic vent.


Please take caution against falling ash and small volcanic rocks blown down from the mountain in areas downwind of the eruption.


Falling rain can bring about landslides, so please be prepared for this during rainy weather.


On the 31st March, the Japan Metereological Agency (JMA) reduced the size of the danger zone from a 3km radius of the volcanic vent, to a 2km radius, with the southern border of the zone extended to 2.5km from the volcanic vent.

As snow conditions and the safety of mountain trails cannot be confirmed, entry into the area at a radius of 4km from the volcanic vent continues to be restricted. (Entry is not permitted to anywhere further up the mountain than the following 5 areas: the entrance to the Osaka Mountain Trail in Gujo City, and the Kurumijima Camping Ground Mountain Trail entrance, the Ciao Ontake Ski Resort Mountain Trail entrance, the Ciao Ontake Ski Resort Gondola Station, and the Hidawa Mountain Trail entrance in Takayama City.)