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Japanese language classes

See below for a list of volunteer organisations that run Japanese language classes in Gifu Prefecture (updated April 2019).

Area Group Name Enquiries
Gifu City

Japanese for Foreign Residents

・Beginner Ⅰ/Ⅱ

・Beginner EX

Gifu International Exchange Association
Tel: 058-263-1741

Japanese Volunteer Class

Inoguchi Kakehashi no Kai 
Fujiko Takahashi
Tel: 090-5455-6988

Fureai Nihongo Japanese Class

Hiroyuki Moriya
Tel: 090-9023-3541

Japanese Class

Izumi Fujita
Ayu-no-Kai Japanese Volunteers
Tel: 090-9935-8571

Niji no Wa Japanese Volunteers

Misaki Mutou 
Tel: 090-6580-6176

Hashima City Hashima City Nihongo Hiroba

Hashima International Exchange Association
Tel: 058-392-1111

Japanese Class

Kakamigahara International Association
Tel: 058-383-1426

Mizuho City Japanese Class

Mizuho City Japanese Supporters
Tel: 058-327-4130

Ogaki City

One-on-One Japanese Study Support

Ogaki International Exchange Association
Tel: 0584-82-2311

Nihongo Oshaberi Room

Japanese for Foreign Residents

・Foundation Course

・Japanese for Daily Life

Kaizu City Japanese Class

Kaizu International Exchange Group
Hideko Gotou
Tel: 090-5636-1045

Yoro Town Yoro Japanese Class

Yoro Town Board of Education
Tel: 0584-32-0216

Seki City Japanese Class - Wednesday Class

Seki Japanese Language Volunteer Circle
Tel: 0575-23-7711

Japanese Class - Beginners' Saturday Class

Seki International Relations (inside Seki City Residents' Cooperation Division) 
Tel: 0575-23-7711

Learning Support Class for Junior High School Students - Wakakusa Class
Minokamo City MIEA Japanese Class

Minokamo International Exchange Association 
Tel: 0574-28-3822

Kani City Saturday Japanese Class

Kani International Exchange Association
Tel: 0574-60-1200

Sunday Japanese Class
JLPT N3 Preparation Class
Shirakawa Town

Japanese Class

Shirakawa Town International Friendship Association (Japanese Volunteer Group)
Tel: 0574-72-1311 (direct line: 232)
Tajimi City Tajimi City Japanese Course

Tajimi International Exchange Association
Tel: 0572-22-1193

Toki City Toki City Japanese Support Class

Toki City International Exchange Association
Kazuki Kagohashi 
Tel: 090-1758-5906

Nakatsugawa City Nakatsugawa Japanese Class

Nobuko Fujii (private number)
Tel: 0573-66-0644

Nakatsugawa  Afternoon Japanese Class

Masaki Kudou 
Tel: 090-7020-4205

Ena City Ena Japanese Class

Ena International Exchange Association
Tel: 0573-26-1868

Takayama City Japanese Class

Hida Takayama International Association
Tel: 0577-35-3346

Hida City Iwatsuka Japanese Class

Kumiko Iwatsuka (private number)
Tel: 0577-73-3192

Gujo City Japanese Class for People Born Overseas

Gujo Hachiman International Friendship Association 
Tel: 0575-67-1121



・Full Details of Japanese Classes within Gifu Prefecture(as of April 2019)PDFダウンロードボタン